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Elite Sports Medicine is a family of health professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality orthopaedic care to the community. Led by Frank S.Segreto, MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director, our licensed team of professionals includes a Physician Assistant of Orthopaedics, an X-ray Technician, Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and trainers.

We treat injuries and other disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Most injuries can be treated without surgical intervention. After careful and accurate diagnosis, a program of proven rehabilitation techniques will be implemented to help you get back in the game as quickly, safely and painlessly as possible. Depending on your injury, home exercise, braces, orthotics, medication, or physical therapy may be prescribed. Proper stretching, strengthening, electrical stimulation, ultra-sound, massage, mobilization and traction may also be used. Our goal is to restore normal function and teach you how to prevent future injuries.

If surgery does become necessary, Dr. Segreto specializes in arthroscopic repair of the knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow. With over twenty years of experience and outstanding results, Dr. Segreto's surgical techniques are as noninvasive as possible, avoiding unnecessary trauma, and allowing the fastest healing possible. Surgery is almost always done on an out patient basis using local anesthesia. Continuous passive motion and physical therapy can be used during the post-op period to speed recovery.